1. How much do I get paid for my recyclables?

    Your reimbursement depends on many factors including equipment provided, logistical arrangements and market conditions. We have a strong partnership with end users of your material which allows us to pay the maximum value for your recyclables.
  2. How often do I get paid for my recyclables?

    Checks are normally issued the 1st or 2nd week of every month for recyclables received/processed the previous month.


  1. What type of toll processing services do you provide?

    Explore our complete list of services here.
  2. How much money can I save by implementing a recycling program?

    In some cases we’ve saved our customers up to 98% of their waste disposal costs. Additionally, with the ability to generate revenue from their recyclables, many of our customers actually generate a net profit from their waste disposal.
  3. Can you stage van trailers onsite?

    Yes. We own and operate over 250 van trailers that can be staged at your locations for your recyclables.


  1. Do you sell virgin resin?

    Yes. We have access to hundreds of virgin resin manufacturers across the world and can find your material at competitive prices
  2. What kind of recycled plastics do you sell?

    You’ll find a complete list of our recycled products here.
  3. Can you custom formulate material?

    Yes. If we know your required material specifications, we can custom formulate your material using recycled thermoplastics and drastically reduce your virgin resin costs.