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At JET Polymer, we are constantly growing. Our company is growing and so are our people.
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We specialize in integrated waste management, recycling and raw material solutions for industry. We create measurable value and drive sustainable growth with a tailored suite of services, equipment and products.
A team of dedicated logistics professionals

The seeds of our origin were planted Memphis, Tennessee by Bill Traylor. In 1972 Bill was in the refrigeration business, installing and servicing commercial coolers for grocery stores. Bill noticed the enormous number of cardboard boxes being either landfilled or burned – realizing there was an opportunity to not only reduce the cardboard disposal costs for grocery stores, but also reimburse them for their waste. Bill also decided to provide the recycling equipment necessary to compact the cardboard into dense bales at each location. Bill soon sold his refrigeration business and began recycling full-time.

A team of dedicated logistics professionals

A few years later, in 1976, and unsatisfied with the quality of recycling equipment on the market, Bill founded Waste Processing Equipment and began manufacturing his own line of “Max-Pak” balers.

Recycling: Nobodys Serious
A team of dedicated logistics professionals

Then, in 1981, Bill patented a flat-bed trailer designed to haul a standard forklift enabling the driver to collect bales of cardboard at each customer location and, when the trailer was full, off-load those bales at the paper mill.

Truck with baled cardboard
A team of dedicated logistics professionals

By the early 1990s, Bill was one of the largest private haulers of flat-bed corrugated cardboard tonnage in the Southeastern United States.

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A team of dedicated logistics professionals

In 1992, The Traylor Group was officially formed as a dedicated waste paper hauling company.

drop deck trailer
A team of dedicated logistics professionals

The Traylor Group operated for roughly 15 years until in 2006, Jet Polymer Recycling was formed by Ed Traylor, Bill’s son, to complement and expand upon our paper and cardboard recycling services into the plastic industry.

Ribbon cutting ceremony
A team of dedicated logistics professionals

The two companies operated separately for 10 years until, in 2016, The Traylor Group was merged with Jet Polymer Recycling, creating a uniform brand and leadership team. Today, Ed continues to lead Jet Polymer towards the forefront of the recycling industry with recycled volumes of over 150 Million pounds per year, expanded production capabilities and additional recycling plants throughout the country.

Recycling family-owned business


Mississippi Automotive Manufacturers Association Tennessee Automotive Manufacturers Association
Alabama Automotive Manufacturers Association Society of Plastic Engineers


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  • "We've done business with Jet Polymer for nearly 25 years. They've always been a source of knowledge in the recycling industry and have helped us to reduce our waste costs tremendously. They are a trusted partner and a reliable, customer-driven company."
    General Electric — John R.
  • "Jet Polymer has been doing business with Daikin for 25 years. I have always found them to be great people to work with."
  • "The Jet Polymer is a dedicated, service oriented supplier. They always provide reliable, on-time schedules with exceptional technical support when difficulties arise. We are honored to have them as a preferred supplied and look forward to our continued relationship."
    TD Automotive Compressor Georgia
  • "The Jet Polymer's vast recycling knowledge of everything from plastics to paper to cardboard coupled with impeccable customer service makes them an industry leader. The Jet Polymer has built a successful partnership with us that will continue to grow."
    C&S Plastics
  • "In just two of our facilities, the Jet Polymer is helping us recycle 100 tons of corrugated materials and 5 tons of stretch film per month. They are helping OH Logistics in our sustainability initiatives and we look forward to finding additional opportunities to recycle."
  • "We partnered with The Jet Polymer and reduced our landfill waste by 75%. They are committed to recycling and they provide excellent service. They are our recycling vendor of choice – I would highly recommend them."
    Plastipak Packaging
  • "Our supermarkets have had their baled cardboard picked up and serviced by The Jet Polymer for over 30 years. We've enjoyed excellent service and a quick response to any need and they've always be fair and reputable. As a long-time vendor, they truly have partnered with us throughout all the years."
    Ragland Bros Retail Cos., Inc.

What We Do

  • Toll Processing Solutions

    Toll Processing Solutions
    • Grinding
    • Pelletizing
    • Blending
    • Sorting and Classifying
    • Advanced Contaminated Material Separation
    • Compounding
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  • Integrated Logistics

    Integrated Logistics
    • Dry Van Trailers
    • Flatbed Route Services
    • Dedicated 24/7 Support
    • Custom Solutions
    • Bulk Delivery
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  • Closed Loop Solutions

    Closed Loop Solutions
    • Custom Compounds and Additives
    • Production scrap returned as raw material
    • Films, fibers, parts and purge back into pellets
    • Full reporting and lot traceability
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  • Full ASTM Lab

    Full ASTM Lab
    • Melt Flow and Izod Impact
    • Tensile and Elongation
    • Flex Strength and Modulus
    • Ash (fillers) and Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)
    • Color and FTIR Spectroscopy
    • Custom Physical Property Tests
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  • Waste Consulting

    Waste Consulting
    • Waste Stream Audits
    • Waste flow analysis
    • Managed Waste Solutions
    • On-site Managed Services
    • Scrap reprocessing and reuse
    • Carbon Emission Requirements
    • Waste to energy solutions
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  • International Freight and Exporting

    International Freight and Exporting
    • Container logistics and Services
    • International Customs
    • Managed Export Programs
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  • Reporting

    • Waste stream reports
    • Custom financial reports
    • Shipping and Receiving Reports
    • Batch and Lot Traceability
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  • Custom Products

    Custom Products
    • JetPro™ Compounds
    • Virgin Resins
    • OEM Compounds
    • 100% Recycled Products
    • Recycled Content Products
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  • Product Development Solutions

    Product Development Solutions
    • Full ASTM Lab Testing
    • Custom Polymer Compounds
    • Product Formulation
    • Process Development
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  • Equipment Solutions

    Equipment Solutions
    • Baling and Waste Compacting Systems
    • Shredding and Densifying Systems
    • Air Systems
    • Custom Equipment Design and Manufacturing
    • Equipment Maintenance and Service Plans
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  • Recycling Solutions

    Recycling Solutions
    • Integrated, single-point solutions
    • Post-Consumer Recycling
    • Toll Reprocessing Services
    • Office and Breakroom Recycling
    • Post-Industrial Recycling
    • Manufacturing Scrap
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  • Less is more.

    Our turn-key recycling solutions cut your landfill contributions and reduce your carbon footprint. Environmental responsibility at its finest.

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  • Knowledge is Power

    We analyze your waste stream and provide clear waste management options using our comprehensive waste audit.

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  • Maximize Your Value

    We’ve been at this for 50 years and have developed extensive markets for your recyclables, ensuring you receive the maximum value for your scrap.

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  • Raw Material Experts

    Our chemical engineers develop custom products and compounds that reduce your costs and add to your bottom line.

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  • Recycling Equipment

    We install and service a range of custom waste processing and recycling equipment tailored to your individual needs and waste streams.

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  • Integrated Solutions

    Professional waste audits, custom products and equipment, consulting and logistics packaged and managed by a single company.

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  • Integrated Solutions

    Professional waste audits, custom products and equipment, consulting and logistics packaged and managed by a single company.

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  • Let us do it for you.

    Toll-grinding, pelletizing, compounding, custom product formulation, logistics – our suite of solutions add value to your bottom line.

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  • Reduce & Reuse

    Cut your raw material costs and let us do the work. Find out more about our toll-processing and compounding services.

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  • Custom Compounds

    Do you need a product with specific characteristics or strengths? Put our compounding expertise to work and let us create custom formulas and blends to your specification.

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  • Paying too much for virgin resin?

    With access to hundreds of unique suppliers and manufacturers, we can help reduce your raw material costs.

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